{Six Months of Harlow Savvy}

What a love-filled half year it’s been since Harlow came into our lives. It’s incredibly cliche but isn’t is so ridiculously true that once something monumental and life-changing takes place you literally can’t remember what life was like before it happened? When I think about what Dav and I did before we became parents everything I can picture is BORING. Now, everything we do, even if it was something we enjoyed doing before is so much more exciting having two little humans to also enjoy it with. Watching their reactions to the ducks in the pond suddenly make a long walk even more fulfilling than it once was. Ahh, and the firsts. The first time you’re spotted from across the room and those big brown eyes light up. The first time you get to witness dozens of  blades of the greenest grass stuck between ten perfect sausage-like little toes. The first finger food. First giggle. First sink bath. We’ve spent the last six months celebrating, encouraging and reeling all of these firsts and more. Some milestones feel surreal to have reached already and others were brought on sooner than with just Lyric because, well, everything happens faster with consecutive babes.

Before sitting down to write this letter to my littlest birdie I read the one I wrote to Lyric on her six month birthday. I forgot that I was so detailed in her achievements, personality, likes and dislikes, but while my eyes swept across the page I had so many flashbacks of some of those specific moments and exactly how I was feeling at that time. Much of those feelings are mutual with Harlow, but the one thing that is different is how I’m coping with the advancement of time. I say ‘coping’ because I was genuinely really struggling with how quickly Lyric grew that first year and I talked about it a lot in the opening to that letter. I wanted so badly to have just one more day of her this size and needing me this much. There was so much learning to do that first year of parenting that compared to these first twelve months I feel much less emotionally drained about my baby growing up because I’ve decided not to try and ‘figure her out’ just in time for her personality and needs to change all over again.  Admittedly, it was something I know now that I wasted a lot of time doing with Lyric which I think is why it was so hard on me to see her grow up before my eyes when I felt like I wasn’t done soaking up the baby she was still supposed to be. I never felt ready. Now I know that sleep will come one day whether I read 1 book or 100 books on sleep training. I know that a routine is invaluable but not always possible every single day and that’s okay.

But more than anything, I know that babies don’t keep. It’s a sad reality for any mother that wants nothing more than to figure out a way to bottle up that newborn smell and somehow remember the way that little ringlet of hair always falls perfectly to the side framing those chubby cheeks. But it’s those smiles that reach their ears and the little hands that wrap around our neck that define all of the moments that are ever so fleeting and make these days, the days. My family is happy and healthy and my children are growing! This is a beautiful, incredible thing that I want to celebrate every single day even though it can sting a little bit sometimes.  So I can honestly say that even with less time on my hands these last six months than I had with just one baby, I have felt every emotion and lived every day in the moment instead of worrying about how it’s leaving me faster than it came. And this has been the fastest period of time in my life by far, but I know there is so much in store for us look forward to as our baby will one day turn into a rambunctious little thing with places to go and people to see and a big sister to help her get there.

So here’s to these days, the days, my favorite days.

Harlow girl,

You have enjoyed nothing more than making your place in our little family. You do so with more excitement than I think even you can handle because it radiates out of you at the sight of any of us three. After having made more than a few jokes on your birth day that you didn’t like us, it sure feels good knowing that we are your favorite people in the entire world and you are very obviously very happy to be one of us. And the fact that you turned out to be the happiest little girl was quite a pleasant and welcome surprise considering you screamed your head off at us for the 30 minutes out of the womb! We all thank you for that 😉

You and I both know better than anyone else how easy going and content you are, and that’s because you like to test everyone else whenever I’m not around. You played strange for not quite two months and cried consistently for anyone I left you with then started laughing through your tears the second I walked through the door. You might have to apologize to a few people for that when you’re older because I’m sure it killed the ego of every babysitter to see you instantly laughing when they thought you were quite possibly ill. hahaha. On that note, we need to discuss your ability to fake it because you are the best I’ve ever met! Even when you were itty bitty and to this day, I can still spot that smirky smile when you’re pretending to be annoyed; and for that you make me laugh and laugh.

These days (and I’m a little late at this six month post, you’re almost seven now) I’m watching & waiting for you to pick that knee up and lift it forward. You have been kindly wiping the floors with your tummy for weeks but you’re starting to rock back and forth on those little knees and I know when you make your move you won’t ever look back. I’m really going to miss giggling as you slap your hands on the floor as far ahead as you can reach and grunt as you pull your whole little body forward to get to where you’re going, which is almost always the pile of your sister’s toys. We lovingly call you “Hurricane Harlow” because your determination exceeds Lyric’s ability to move everything away before you get there and destroy everything. So far it’s been impossible for me to watch this happen and not laugh hysterically while trying to calm your sister down because you are oblivious to it all. She has been known to play very nice with you and especially loves it when you play with something she hands you which makes her so proud and excited. If you would just stop going after her “strawberry pies” there would be a lot fewer panic attacks around here.

Your relationship with your sister is something your dad and I hope lasts a lifetime. You look up to her so much and we can already tell she will be your safe place. I really can’t put into words what it’s like watching you two together from the outside (besides being pure heaven for dad and I), but I hope the bond you’ve managed to build already does nothing but strengthen as you both get older. Lyric looked forward to your arrival months before you were born and she took you under her wing instantly. She instructed us {aka bossed us around} when it was time to feed you and change you and took regular time outs from whatever she was doing to love on you. She asks to hold you and see you multiple times throughout the day and her favorite thing to ask lately is “mommy, is Harlow awake!? Can I see her?!” And when you both lay eyes on each other your legs start kicking, your nose starts scrunching and your gummy smile with those two pearly whites is a big as it can get. Even when you’re madder than a junkyard dog, Lyric effortlessly snaps you out of it. I could go on and on and on, but one day you’ll look through pictures and watch videos of you two together and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

If there was a gold star for best sleeper award you would get it, girlie! At almost 7 months you still wake 1-2 times a night but compared to someone else in the house, and I won’t name names, you go to sleep on your own easily and at a normal little-people bedtime, you sleep way longer than 45 minute stretches and you even slept through the night a bunch of times at around 3 months old. Sorry, Lyric, but you sucked in that department! I always wonder if it’s because you are a tummy sleeper and Lyric was so not. You sleep like a rock on your tummy and even if you’re in our bed you insist on rolling over. It freaked me out at first, but now I kinda love it!

Now onto your genes. Everyone talked and talked about how much Lyric looked like your daddy when she was little but you, my love, take the cake. You are a spitting image of him through and through. Like all your cousins, you have the Gegolick eyes, but everything else that makes up your little face is a miniature, cuter version of your daddy. A lot of people say they see a lot of similarities in you and Lyric, too (and you do!) but your hair is much darker than hers is now and you have way way more than she did at this age. You also didn’t lose any of your thick locks like she did.

At 17 lbs 3ozs and 26″ tall you possess the squishiest leg rolls and take up my whole lap while we nurse. (You take a bottle like a champ now, but nursing will forever be our favorite.) We were excited that you would get to wear all of your sister’s handmedowns but your chunky tendencies have already earned you a fair share of new outfits, which is fine by your mama.

Your personality is spunky and loving and outgoing and you have brought so much happiness into our lives. That crinkle in your nose and snort when you laugh, your open-mouthed kisses and the way you light up when any of us walk in the room are just a few of our favorite qualities about you. Your daddy, Lyric and I are so excited to continue to get to watch you grow and add even more spunk to this crazy family of ours. You have three of the best cheerleaders that will never stop rooting for you, and a little dog that sits by your side knowing you’ll tug on his fur, because we love you more than anything. 

Happy six months, Harlow love. We love you a billion watermelon seeds.


Check back soon for a tutorial on this DIY succulent crown.

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