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{Never-Ending Summer & Sun-Kissed Locks}

I mean it when I say I hope this summer never ends, but having made so many memories this year will make it a little easier to take when it does. Dav and I only took on 4 weddings this year (compared to nine last summer) and what a world of a difference it has felt like, having that many more weekends free to spend with family and friends! After such a busy season in 2016 it was an easy decision for us to cut back (waaaayyy back) since our family has grown. It has been SUCH a fun-filled summer!

While I’m on the topic of savoring time, we have witnessed immense changes in both our girls over the last six months. Harlow, who has made it her mission to reach every major milestone far before we’re expecting it, certainly isn’t looking like a little baby anymore. She is fast and furious at every game we play (or if the dog food bowl is in sight) and loves nothing more than to chase or be chased, scaling furniture and her favorite tickle spots. How is it even possible that her first birthday is three months away!?

Then there’s our little miss Lyric. My how she’s grown this summer and blossomed into a little lady with so much personality. Davin and I spend a lot of time talking about how much she’s changing. I think a lot of parents (people) forget that your first child isn’t just your first baby that just suddenly isn’t a baby anymore, becomes a big sibling and that’s “it”. Davin and I are learning so much from her it’s almost scary. Her personality, vocabulary, negotiating skills (haha), thought process, decision making, likes, dislikes, priorities, etc.  have all matured more than we can begin to wrap our head around most days. She’s the one that we experience all of the parenting firsts with, and most recently it’s been in the hygiene department. Lyric’s hair has pretty much doubled in length since her second birthday and it wasn’t long after that when I started to notice her ends growing more and more dry and brittle. When she was much younger I would use those teeny tiny plastic elastics because they were the only thing small enough to hold her hair but they were soooo hard on her luscious locks. By the time I was able to switch to the larger fabric ones I felt like the damage had already been done. I wish I had a photo of what it looked like but picture fuzzy, dry and very sad ends. =(

I couldn’t bring myself to cut it so the next best solution was treating her hair with more than the gentle 2-in-1 cleanser I had used since she was a baby. I was super hesitant though because I have just never been one to put unnecessary products on my kids’ skin and hair and I was skeptical about being able to find a shampoo and conditioner that would live up to my standards of gentleness and effectiveness. It was right around that time that Karla reached out to me asking if I had ever tried the Monat Junior line on Lyric’s hair – probably after spewing my emotions on Insta-stories about potentially having to cut my little girl’s length that took so long to grow. After researching the line for myself, I was more than game.

I know I’ve made this clear in the past, but when I agree to try products before sharing with all of you I always, always, always make it clear that if I don’t LOVE it, I won’t share it. Well I am embarrassed to admit that since using the Junior line on Lyric I talk about how soft her hair is so much that I know I sound like a complete and total creep. The even better part is that Davin does it, too. And I’ve even realized that we lower our voices when we comment on it, because we know it’s in excess and we are crazy people.

But it is just sooooooo soft! Her ends are completely repaired – you would never know they were in as rough of shape as they were – and they are just as thick as her roots now. All I use is a small amount of the shampoo and conditioner followed with a couple sprays of the detangler and she has soft, conditioned hair that will last at least three days. Honestly, I find this really hard to explain because I just want you to be able to feel her hair because I know that it will speak for itself. But unless I know you (which probably means I’ve already forced your hand to her head haha) I’ll just hope I articulated properly why I love it so much. Basically it is safe & gentle, tear-free, smells fricken amazing and does a bang up job at leaving my toddler’s hair soft, knot-free and healthy. I can’t ask for more than that. Now let’s just hope all of the other firsts going forward are just as easy as this one was…although something tells me we got off easy this time. =P

If you’re interested in trying or purchasing the Monat Junior Line or learning more about it, you can visit Karla’s facebook page and she’d be more than happy to help you out!

This post was sponsored by Karla Gervais – Independent Market Partner for Monat but as always, all of these thoughts and opinions are my own.

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