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{It’s almost Christmas TIME! A JORD Watch Discount Code}

Raise your hand if you’re done Christmas shopping. Now raise your hand if you bought something for everyone on your list INCLUDING yourself. This is such a peculiar time of year when it comes to the materialist part of Christmas, isn’t it? It’s the only time of year I find myself feeling the need to reward myself for spending all that time and money scoping out thoughtful gifts for loved ones AND playing the role of jolly ol’ saint Nick since becoming a parent – which in theory makes so sense at all because there’s usually little to no time or money left!

But whether there’s still someone special on your list you need to check off or you’re like me and can’t help but fulfill that little something to and from yourself, let me help a lady (or gent!) out and do the figuring for you! I promise every penny will be well worth the style and practicality for such craftsmanship.

Last year I hooked you all up with a discount on all the lovely women’s and masculine men’s watches from JORD and this year I’m gifting you 25% off whatever tickles your fancy. Davin still wears his JORD watch every single day since getting his last fall. This year, JORD launched the Cassia Series which is probably my favorite line from JORD yet. My newest addition has a narrow and delicate band with warm walnut tones and a string of rose gold to brighten it up, and the perfectly sized faced – not too big and not too small – with a full roman nuemeral dial (another first for JORD!). It’s timeless and stunning and I love. it.

You can take advantage of the 25% discount now until December 15th using this link:  https://www.woodwatches.com/g/ohmygee  Go, go, go!

If you want to take a closer look at the the Cassia Series Walnut & Vintage Rose watch I’m wearing, the link is here!
And a shortcut to men’s watches is here, and women’s watches here!


Wooden Wristwatch

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