{Father’s Day 2017}

I had no idea (or maybe I did) that recording a little video of Lyric professing her love for her daddy by blowing bubbles and babbling over a picture of him three years ago would turn to what it has now. At the time I thought to myself about what a treasure these will be to look back on decades from now. Not only would it be super cute to see how much our kids have grown and hear them actually respond to my questions (haha) but by the time they’re a little older, perhaps their answers will be a genuine explanation of love and admiration for the incredible dad they have.

But we’re only three years in and I’ve already marveled at the change from the first and second videos! They are just as much a gift for me as they are for Davin. Not just in 20 or 30 years, but even next year we’ll watch these and be reminded of these days. When Harlow was finding her voice and always had her eyes on her sister. When Lyric’s attention span was all over the place, her excitement shot through the roof all too easily and she could tell a story like no one’s business. Today this seems like all normal little things they do and say every single day, but in a year this will be a memory and they’ll be on to something else new and exciting.

In these five minutes there’s two of the first pearly whites peaking out. There’s random shushing because it’s something we’ve done a lot of since little sister came home (which will remind us of our first family home and how it was small enough that big stomping feet by a little lady can and would wake the other little lady.) There’s the cutest little wrinkled nose. There’s a missed opportunity for a stolen kiss. There’s a scary looking eyeball. There’s two big brown eyes staring at the camera that look exactly like daddy himself. There’s an impromptu song of pat-a-cake and a few bear hugs shared between our girls that we love more than anything in the world. Then there’s an expression following a sneeze attack that I have never seen before and is so miss Lyric. 

What it doesn’t show is the way Harlow’s face lights up whenever she lays eyes on her dad or holds his big face in her tiny little hands or the countless times in a day that Lyric sighs and says “I love my daddy” when he’s not even around just because she’s thinking of him. It doesn’t talk about how hardworking he is and how much I hope our kids inherit his drive and motivation,  entrepreneurship and crazy sense of humour. But it’s us, and he knows these things because we tell him often. 

We love you, Daddy. WOOOOOOHHH MUCH!!


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