Growing up I knew four things about myself: I wanted to have babies - lots and lots of babies, I wanted to be with the same person for ever, I loved to write/make things, and there's nothing that a sweet treat can't fix.

All of those things still ring true and building a life with someone and becoming a mom has been nothing short of the most fascinating and fulfilling experience of my life! And now I have this little blog to write to my heart's desire about motherhood, marriage and whatever my sweetooth is craving. When I'm not chasing after my girls, or re-designing our home, I'll be shooting alongside my husband as lifestyle and wedding photographers or taste-testing our freshly home-roasted coffee. Two jobs I'll never quit.

Of course, you can ask any mother and she'll tell you how time management is likely the world's most challenging task. Giving my time and attention to keep this blog afloat can fall into that stereotype perfectly at times, but it's a challenge I'm more than willing to take on so I can continue to nurish my love for writing and connecting with people like you.


Mr. Gegolick has most definietly upheld his end of the deal when we agreed to "for better or worse" and not judging my snacking habits. We met in high school, wasted no time combining our lives together and what we've made of it has been even better than we could have ever dreamed. What I admire most about him is that although he's grown as a person and killed it in the husband and dad department, he has never once changed who he is. He still likes banging on drums, teaching himself and our girls new things, and being the funniest guy in the room. He might never grasp the difference between a face cloth and hand towel but he is perfect in our eyes. We've accomplished a lot together but I have no doubt that our future still holds plenty of mountains for us to climb...just for fun!


Our little Lyric will be four this September! She might not know it, but she was a big part of the inspiration behind this blog. Even before we were expecting her, I knew one day she would make me a mom, my dreams would come true and I would want to document every minute of it. Doing so has been bittersweet since she seems to have grown into her own little person in no time at all, but watching her grow has brough us so much joy. She is the smartest, silliest, most clever girl with the biggest heart of gold. If her name had a definition in a book it would surely read "Sucker for all things tiny and cute, and has obsession with breakfast food. Thrives best in days full of adventure followed by lots of snuggles and snacks. Will one day develop into world's best mommy."


Little Miss Harlow adorned us with her presence in November 2016 and has been tolerating kisses and eating out of flower pots ever since. She has grown up into a little girl who marches to the beat of her own drum (a girl after her daddy's heart) in what quite honestly feels like the blink of an eye. She plays the role of little sister like she read how to straight out of a text book. Every tear her sister sheds earns a hug followed by a sympathic fake cry...then a giggle.  It's been a joy and a riot to watch them love and beat on eachother! And if she has to hold her own - oh she can and will. Naughty never met a match quite like her, but she is still the sweetest wild child we know and love.